Our company, which started to serve as Alişeroğlu Petrol by Baba Hasan BOZKURT in 1985, has been the leading fuel company in the Mediterranean region for many years.

In the process that continues from father to son under the leadership of Hasan BOZKURT, his son Ali BOZKURT, with the name Akdeniz Petrol, founded in 2003 in Dörtyol location, and Menderes Bozkurt in Erzin locality under the umbrella of Alişeroğlu Petrol for many years. The two companies joined forces and established Alişeroğlu Akdeniz Petrol A.Ş. and expanded its activity volume and area.

Our company; With 55 personnel, 4 dealerships and stations, Petrol Ofisi, Opet, BP and TP, our Petrol Ofisi and Opet Vehicle Identification System (TTS) Distributorships, our Wide Transport Vehicle Park, we offer competitive prices to our valuable customers in their fuel needs, to become a fast and practical solution partner. is working. Our retail sales from our stations, and from the wholesale wing, fuel and fuel products are delivered to the entire domestic market, either by our own vehicles or by transporters.

Alişeroğlu Akdeniz Petrol A.Ş. is customer-oriented, believing in teamwork, honest and transparent, constantly improving its employees, innovative, sensitive to the environment and society, productive and dynamic. It continues to serve in Adana and Hatay. Our company, which has adopted customer satisfaction as a vision, works to provide you with the best service in many areas with a sustainable understanding. We have a TP fuel station in Hatay /Dörtyol Center, Petrol Ofisi Fuel Station in Hatay / Erzin Kısır area, Adana Ceyhan Hamdillli BP Wholesale Dealership Station, Adana Central OPET fuel stations.

In addition to our company, Kelebek Furniture HATAY/DÖRTYOL branch, construction (YAP-SAT) and Alişeroğlu insurance, which we do within our own body, are constantly adding innovations with new business lines. In addition, in accordance with the Law No. 5015 of the Petroleum Market Law and Article 2/15, we provide fuel and mineral oil services with or without tax to the sea vessels adjacent to the country’s rivers or territorial waters. We have a bunker license. You can visit our Certificates page.